Website content management made easy

Managing your website’s content shouldn’t be a hassle. So we made it easy. With the Center Point Designs' Editor, there’s no complex dashboards or disconnected back end — just you, your website, and the content you want to change.

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Write and edit — right on your site

With the Center Point Designs' Editor, you can create and edit content right on your page, so there’s no need to navigate a messy backend content management system (we’re looking at you, WordPress). Once you’re happy with the changes, you can publish them to the site with the click of a button.

Create and publish new content in minutes

Adding new content is as easy as filling out a form. You can even write new content right on the page to see exactly how it will look once it’s live.

“The Center Point Designs CMS has been so seamless, and enjoyable for us. Page edits as easy as a Squarespace sites we use to have, but complete design control for me.”

Gabriella van Rij
Author, Speaker, Kindness Expert

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Work smarter together

Invite other Collaborators to edit your site and see exactly who made what changes, when, before publishing.

Work on content together

Keep track of who's working on what so you can collaborate without stepping on each other's toes.

Keep track of changes

See who's changed what before publishing your site so you're never surprised by what just went live.

Review and download form submissions

See incoming form submissions right in the Editor or download a full CSV of all your form data.

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