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What is Caret?
What is Caret?
What is Caret?
What is Caret?

Personalizing Caret

How can I turn on the battery saver and what
are the implications?
How can I sync my settings across devices?
How can I set a new profile picture?
How can I set different profile pictures for each
registered number?
What are Flickr Photos for?
How can I define the range/what "people close to me" means?
How can I re-watch the tour of the Caret app or see
the tooltips again?
Where can I see the Privacy Statement of Caret?
Where can I see the EULA of Caret?
What built-in sensors can Caret use?
What is “prone” and how can I set it?

How to use Caret

How Caret sets your status?
What statuses can Caret generate?
What are the available automatic statuses?
How can I set my regular Do Not Disturb time?
How can I set my automatic sleeping status option?
How can I set my status automatically?
Can I set a different status for my different
registered numbers?
What kind of groups are available?
What kind of filters are available?
How can I check my friend's location?
How can I get directions to my friend's
current location?
How can I move a contact between groups?
How can I call someone for free?
What if my friend is not available? How can I set
a 'Remind me when' alert?
How can I take a snapshot of my location for a
landline phone number?

How to use Caret